Saturday, March 11, 2017

Walmart Scores!

I went to walmart today to get some groceries, I always stop by the toys to see if any WWE figures are marked down, of course none of them were. I did snatch a couple of cute StarWars erasers and a Ninja Turtle eraser for 94 cents. while walking back to the food section I noticed a bin of Hot-wheels for 94 Cents. Im not a Hot-wheels guy, I know diddly about cars. However, I noticed some batman and Starwars cars. I looked through the bins and found a set of the batman cars but couldn't find all of the Starwars ones so I just got the batman's. Combing through the 3.97 DVDs I noticed an end cap full of WWE DVDs....and most were....$3.97! So I went over and checked it out, ends up they were older 3-Disc sets....So I picked up 6 of them that I wanted. I will keep 3 and resell the others probably.

Anyways here are my finds :)

                                              The DVDs I found for less than $4 each :)

This is an exclusive Mick Foley 3 Disc DVD that comes with a "Mr. Socko" sock puppet :D

The Set of 6 Batman exclusive Hot Wheels!

The Erasers I found 

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