Monday, March 20, 2017

TNT Pro Wrestling 3-18-17Jeff Hardy!

Went to TNT Pro Wrestling : Art of War 2 in Clarksville, Tennessee Saturday.

I help with a traveling merch booth

for those not familiar with the promotion is outside of Nashville and is Crimon's (from tna) promotion

crimson was nice but was really busy but we got a pic with him

we also got to see jeff and karen jarrett come in, karen is stunning in person and said hi to us, she seems really nice, i didnt get a pic sadly

rockstarr spud also walked by our table, my friend pat joking said he could sit with us and he looked at all the stuff at our booth and said " you dont have any fucking room!" jokingly lol
it was true though, we had a ton of stuff.

samuel shaw was super cool. He stopped by and talked for a good 10 minutes. he then came by when we were packing up and gave all 4 of us one of his "creepshaw" shirts! he stayed a talked about another 10mins and signed my 2012 tna program. he goes "oh man, am i even in that?" i showed him and he said he enjoyed working with silva and hendrix, i said its a shame tna never really did anything with gutcheck, he shrugged and was like oh well i guess lol

before the show started we went and saw hardy. he was super cool and gracious. he signed everything we had.i got my 2012 tna program signed. it was in paint marker, hardy goes "be careful with this so it doesnt smudge", needless to say it ended up sticking to the other page a little bit :/ 

after the show you could get in the ring with jeff hardy for 20$. i forgot i had my wwe 2002 hardy boys book so i got him to sign it as well. He said "oh crap i forgot about this, i dont even remember reading what we wrote" lol I told him we worked a show with matt about 3 weeks ago and he said "oh man i love what matts doing" he then mocked him by going ahhhh ahhh ahhh like hardy does with his arms spread out lmao!

i thanked him and left the ring. he seemed genuinely happy to be there.

im on the far right

I forgot they took a professional photo so this is an update with that photo

dustin, Ryan, Hardy, Pat, Me

I saw crazzy steve and asked for an autograph but he was busy and leaving.

next i saw bram go to the concession stand after the show (no one was in the building except staff and some vendors who were still packing)
i didnt want to bother him while getting food so i waited, he signed my program when we was done. about 10 mins later he came to our booth and asked if we had any hats for sale because he was freezing (it was 30 degrees lol)

I had a new goldberg beanie for sale so i just gave it to him. he was super thankful and said he just finished doing a movie with goldberg and said it was pretty much the craps lmao. he stayed and talked a good 20 mins about his career, current workings of tna, and even about flair which he didnt mind to talk about at all. He said 95% of the internet reports are always garbage.

i got a pic with him, he was super cool.

Amazing show, i urge anyone in the area to check out the next show.

We stopped at Waffle House afterwards because it was the only thing open that served was about 1 am or so. I had 2 waffles, they were awesome. I got home around 3:30 am....was a long day.

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