Thursday, March 23, 2017

Smackdown Live! and 205 Live! Results and Review 3-21-17

I have been sick all this week with sinus problems, I completely missed raw because I fell asleep after taking some meds.

* Things to point out


AJ's promo on Shane was a very good heel promo.

The tag team match was amazing, and in my opinion of the matches of the year for Smackdown Live! The Uso's are very good as heels and i'm glad to see them get the titles and beat American Alpha.

I didn't pay much attention to the Orton vs Corbin match to be honest, however Orton won when Corbin was distracted by Ambrose. Ambrose then did the dirty deeds DDT to Corbin and said he had a match at mania.

Same old Bray Wyatt mind trickery promo. Kinda bored of them.

John Cena vs Fandango was awful. The match was literally Cena's 6 moves of doom and that was it, Plus side was that Tyler Breeze was dressed like Nikki..or brie...or whoever. I don't care about the Bellas. To top it off when cena went to do his moves of death is girlfriend (insert name here) Bella came out and did her finisher to Tyler Breeze randomly, totally legitimizing their careers....God I hate Cena and Bri or Nikki.

Womens match was a snorefest that ended in interruptions by natalya, Bliss, and Mickie

Shane and AJ got into an altercation in the ring after AJ promised to forgive him and shake his hand. As AJ went to shake his hand Shane jabbed him about 30 times and went after him. This set up AJ on the announcers table and Shane elbow dropping him off the top rope through the table!

*Things to point out

205 Live

Tony Neese vs TJ Perkins was pretty good. It seems they are burying Perkins and pushing Neese, as they should in my opinion. I noticed Neese is wearing brighter gear this week, maybe a subtle change predicted soon?

Tozawa hasn't been doing the "HA-HA" yells this week, his match was just his opponent running towards him and him doing the German-Suplex for the pin. He then challenged Kendrick to come out and face him. Tozawa then says he'll go after him, a security guard blindsides Tozawa on his way to the entrance ramp. Ended up its Kendrick in disguise, thus leading to Tozawa's next lesson.

I missed the Aries Interview

Neville vs Ali was another great match!

*The name of the mystery jobber Tozawa faced is Alex Reynolds of New York. He has appeared at several of the House of Hardcore shows. He has also jobbed a total of 3 matches for the WWE, including a loss to Kane on Main Event in 2016, and a loss to Vance Archer on ECW in 2009.

Check out his Pro Fight DB here.

Here are the results from Smackdown and 205 Live.

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