Wednesday, March 22, 2017

ShopTNA Don West's Insane Brown Bag Special!

I ordered one of these specials about 2 weeks ago and I received it in the mail today!

I paid $19.99 + $5 Shipping for the deal, and I asked in the checkout instructions for anything jeff hardy and raven, and for DVDs anything 2005. the website says this about the bag.

Don West here “That’s Right I’m Back”  Who else are they going to call to give away the farm

I will tell ya where we’re going to start…that’s right the item I made famous the “Brown Bag Special”

You’ll get a Brown bag…let’s face  ain’t all going to fit in there…I’m not going to give you 4 dvds as normal I’m going to give you 5 different DVDs….some new some old it doesn’t matter they’ll all be different.  That’s not all….order this deal now and I am going to throw in a random TNA T’shirt.  Beer Money, Sting, AJ STYLES…Bobby Roode who knows its random and you’ll get one…no wait…I’m going to make that 2 Different T-Shirts ARE YOU KIDDING ME…over $120 retail value for only $20.

Wait I’m going to make it even better…buy 2 and you’ll get 10 different DVDs and 4 different T-Shirts or buy 3 and get 15 different DVDs and 6 Different T-Shirts…I’m crazy I will go even one more.  Buy 4 and get 20 different dvds and 8 different T-Shirts.

I can’t stop there so here’s what I am gonna do……for every brown bag special I will throw in 3 additional items absolutely free.  Making this a value of over $150 for just $20.  You might get a banner, mask, hat…I don’t know we’re going to just throw stuff in!

We’re going to do it it’s…”The Greatest Deal In Professional Wrestling!”

• 1 Brown Bag 5 DVDs and 2 Random T-Shirts + 3 Random Items
• 2 Brown Bags 10 Different DVDs and 4 Randm T-Shirts +6 Random Items
• 3 Brown Bags 15 Random DVDs and 6 Random T-Shirts +9 Random Items
• 4 Brown Bags 20 Diffrnet DVDs and 8 Random T-shirts + 12 Random Items

So what did I get in my bag?

These were my 3 random items
1 Jeff Hardy Black/Orange arm bands
1 Aces and 8s Keychain
1 set of 2 Beer Money BamBams Inflatable Beer Bottle Noise makers

DVDs I got 
2005 Final Resolution
2005 Genesis
2005 No Surrender
2005 Against all Odds
2005 Sacrifice

Shirts I got 
Jeff Hardy (Creature)
Jeff Hardy (Comic)

 So yeah! All of that for $20 is insane! I got everything I asked for and more! I will be ordering another insane deal soon! Next time I might just see what they give me without asking for specifics.

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