Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Random packs of cards from the Dollar Tree, and a Heritage 2016 hanger pack from walmart!

I was in the Dollar Tree recently and I saw that they had some random packs of trading cards, I picked up one of each kind just for fun. This is what I got.

 First up was a pack of Panini Beach Boys lol, I assume one was special because it had gold foil stamped on it. There were 8 cards and they looked really good in quality.

Next was a random 6 trading cards pack 1 is supposed to be rare. The pack didn't say what they were but the back was shown of one of the cards, so I assumed they were all the same from Magic. I know nothing about Magic, figured why not. One has a foil stamp, i assume thats the rare one. I like the art on these alot.

 Next was Disnyes Moana made by upper deck. These are very very cheaply made cards. But the pictures are nice and the back makes a puzzle....4 cards for 1$ is a little steep. Id be in on these for a quarter.

Next is starwars, again I really dont follow starwars, but these cards look nice and are good quality. They are made by Topps.

 again I really dont follow starwars, but these cards look nice and are good quality, like the baseball version of topps heritage. 

Last was a pack of WWE cards, These are made by topps and are good quality.
I bought a Topps Heritage 2016 Hanger pack for 7$ on clearance from walmart in Paducha a couple days ago. These are the highlights. The freeman is a chrome refractor #'d to /999

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