Sunday, March 5, 2017

PCW in Truman Arkansas (3-4-17)

Last night I Went to PCW in Truman Arkansas. My buddy asked if i would go with him to help him with his wrestling memorabilia booth (F&M Wrestling Memorabilia), I figured id go along just to see the show lol

We arrived about 2 hours early to set up the booth. While we were setting up Derrick King and Dustin Starr came to see the stuff we were putting out. King came by and talked to us for a good 20 mins or so, super friendly guy. I think he was surprised that i knew so much about his ovw career. Dustin came by at the same time and also chatted.

Both of them were in OVW during the early 2000s, and both have worked TNA.
Derrick was the main star of the WGN show "Wrestling with death".

Lucky came to the ring to give a retirement speach, The Sure Things came out and interrupted him and were going to beat him up. Mike Anthony came out to save him. This lead to a match later on.

Kee Awesome vs matt willard, Kee won
Brody Jay vs Mr. GCL, (i think it was kee in a mask) - brody won
Mike anthony and lucky vs The Sure Things  - lucky and anthony won
Derrick King vs Dustin Starr, if king won he got maria..if dustin won he shaved kings hair.

 Dustin won by cheating by hitting King with Maria's shoe, the match was restarted and king immediately superkicked Dustin for the win. It was an awesome match.

 Dustin is a great heel with a great look and im surprised hes not hired by a big company right now.

Sure Things (TJ Wells) and Lucky

 Mr. GCL vs Brody J

 Kee Awesome and matt willard

Derrick King vs Dustin Starr

after the show I met TJ Wells of the heel tagteam "The sure things" he was a super nice guy as well. He had been sitting by our booth before the show but i did not realize he was a wrestler, as im not familiar with arkansas wrestling. So after the show i went up to him and talked for a bit and bought one of his 8x10s. he autographed it for me "To J, have a great one"

The attendance was around 100 or so, I made 15$ as i only brought a couple things of my own and my friend ended up making close to 150$. 

Overall it was a great show and I had lots of fun. I wish PCW the best of luck with their promotion!

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