Friday, June 19, 2015

First Day Covers and other Stamp Goodness

No mail today, so I figured I would share what I bought on eBay the other day.

I have many hobbies, as most of you can tell. This was something which I started because I received so much mail from doing autographs and trades with baseball cards. I started to keep all the stamps, and now I have about 300 different stamps. my oldest being from an envelope that contains a letter that was written in the 1850s.

 I received these in the mail yesterday.

I bought these and got them shipped for around $1.50 for all of them

these are first day covers commemorating the Civil War and Confederacy.

A First Day Cover (FDC) is an envelope or card bearing a stamp which is cancelled on the day the stamp is initially placed on sale by the postal authorities. 
the stamp is placed on sale in one or many cities depending on subject. 

This is the Final Reunion of the Confederacy commemorative 3 Cent stamp.
It was released in 1951

I got this for .99 cents free shipping.

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