Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cool stuff in the mail today!

So I have an immense love with Cryptozoology and the paranormal. Cryptozoology is the study of unknown creatures ...Bigfoot, Mothman, and all that Jazz.

I contacted Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard back on the 15th, he was really stand up nice guy replied back to me. etc.

I received a really cool little package from him today

first off is a nice agency photo signed by Ken

Next is a Art Print and a postcard/ad from Crypto artist Thomas E Finley 



last is a really cool and super weird sticker of some random people with bigfoot behind them. I have no idea what it is from, but it's totally weird, which I love.

I also revived this from Folk musician and novelist Mark Brine. when I contacted him he had said he was in poor health and would send when he could, I received this a week later.
I wish Mr.Brine the best with his health and hope he continues to heal.
Mark is a member of the National Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame and has performed at the Grand old Opry

heres a nice little documentary about marks music.

This is the 3way folded pamphlet Mr. Brine sent.

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