Friday, March 27, 2015

Kinda Pissed

So I found out someone I was doing work for has ended up trying to sell the cards i made for his personal collection. He fed me a story saying that they were for his projects, but inturn used my work and has been trying to sell them
what a fucker right?

yeah thats what I thought

I do not condone the selling of other people's customs, or trying to pass them off as actual cards.

Here are some cards to be on the look out that I made that he might be trying to sell

Post cereal cards in this style there are 3 types that I did

Regular, Silver and Gold.

Fans of the game, did a chuck norris, upton, lohan, alba 

 playing cards
ruth, mantle, musial

Yoohoo, did 3 versions, this one, one with out coin spot, and one with out writing

did this 

and these

if you purchase one of these items, know that it is not me, and it these were never meant to be inteded for sale, only a persons personal collection that i received a donation for making these

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