Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Who is the Best?

Ok, in all seriousness

@allaboutbaseball27 asked a couple questions on his blog

so this is how I answered

Favorite team - STL Cardinals
Favorite players - Daniel Descalso, JD Drew, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Mike Piazza....too many to list.
Best players of all time -  Griffey Jr, Randy Johnson, Albert Pujols

I am from South East Missouri so naturally I am a Cardinals fan.

My favorite players list is about 30 people deep, I like a lot of players..players I watched when I was a kid, and players I watch now,

Daniel Descalso just got released and then signed with the Rockies this offseason. He is my favorite player and hopefully I will be able to follow his career with the Rockies. A lot of people discredit Descalso because he might not be the best defensive player or have the best averages, But he is clutch. Descalso can be used at every position...literally, backup catcher, 3rd,2nd, 1st, SS, OF, and even pitcher. who else has that versatility? He was always scrappy  and seemed to get hits in key moments when the Cardinals needed him. His spring training performances always seem to outweigh his seasonal stats...but he was being used more, Matheney wondered why he wasn't hitting too's because he's never played,,,play more, get more hits. But he's with the Rockies now, hopefully they'll play him a little more.

Here is a photo of Descalso pitching this last season, he faced 2 batters and got both of them out on pop ups.

Now my answers for the next question "Who is the best of all time" is based on what I remember in my lifetime. What I can recall seeing, How I felt when I watched them play.
Now when we say the best of all time we all know about of Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Lou Gehrig and the likes, But I don't Like to Include them when I talk about who I think was/is the best, why?
Yes, Babe Ruth is a Baseball God, But I wasn't alive to judge that. We all can read about his stats and see old video clips, but none of us were alive when he was around, none of us can legitimately say "Hey Ruth was the best of all time" ...unless you are an 80-year old man.

Growing up in the 1990's, I remember all of the big hitters..McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Etc. But I remember Ken Griffey Jr being on a completely different level, he was this amazing player all around, not just hitter, but also defending. Whereas McGwire and Sosa all you heard about was homers. Griffey was marketed as a role model, and all around good guy. McGwire hit home runs and had burgers named after him.

Randy Johnson is a pitcher on his own level. This 6 foot 10 Gnarly, ugly, giant man throwing viciously while looking viciously was just a blast to watch play. He was scary, I won't lie...and he also sorta reminded me of my dad if he were homeless and a foot taller. when you think of Randy Johnson the first thing that comes to my mind, is that he was damned good...he was so Dominant. I can not think of another pitcher with the sense of dominance he had while pitching. Pedro Martinez also had that dominance, but not the persona, not the aura that surrounded him while pitching, it was just uncanny.

Imagine this monster throwing a ball 100MPH at you....scary

Albert Pujols, I admit I was not a big fan, even though Cardinals fans worshiped him while he was in STL. (he grounded out into a gillion double plays...)  However, I don't deny he was Godly, Albert Pujols was THE best during his prime, no one was better than Albert Pujols. 10 years of .300+ Batting Average...who the hell else does that?! 9+AllStars, Rookie of the year, Batting titles, MVPs, the stats don't lie JAWS put him as the #2 overall first basemen of all time......all time! There is something around 20,000 guys who have played baseball...he is #2 at First Base..that's Godly. I will never forget in the 2011 World Series when he hit 3 Homeruns in one game to tie Babe Ruth and Reggie Jacksons record for home runs hit in 1 World Series Game.