Friday, January 9, 2015

Whats up with MiLB Caps

I came across a poll on the MiLB website earlier today that I thought was cool. It was basically a poll for the coolest Baseball Cap in the MiLB as voted by fans. Out of 101 team caps The El Paso Chihuahua's won the contest.
It got me thinking though, it seems like the Mlb has more professional hats when compared to the MiLB. The minor league hats and uniforms seem to be more "kiddish" and more "hip" ..compared to the MLB...except for the Marlins fruity colors.The MLB is more traditional except for a few, but overall they are professional. The MiLB hats and uniforms seem to be representing a new generational style, I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing...what do you think?

Here are some of my "favorites" from the poll (a couple were not on the poll list but I added them anyways)
you can find the polling results here 

Team Hats

Eugene Emeralds (2 different caps)

I like the color contrast with the light green and black cap. The logos are also pretty neat with Sasquatch chewing on a tree, and also carrying a tree. I am a Sasquatch lover and have even considered buying these hats before in the past..even though I live in Missouri lol.
You are probably wondering why their logo is Sasquatch, well, as most people know Sasquatch has been spotted numerous times in the Pacific Northwest including a high density of sightings in California, Oregon (Eugene, Oregon), and Washington State, They use this iconic figure and use it to their advantage in their logo. Pretty fun in my opinion.

 Aberdeen Iron Birds

 I love the patriotic colors of Red, White, and Blue, they go well with the Iron Birds logo. I'm not sure if the logo is an eagle or just a bird, but we'll call it an eagle.The team is an affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles and is actually owned by Cal Ripken Jr. I read that the past logo was a Bomber plane with Cal's #8 on the side of it, I like this logo better because of the eagle and colors fitting well together.

 Auburn Doubledays

According to Wikipedia "The team and its mascot are named after Abner Doubleday, the Civil War general and Auburn native apocryphally credited with inventing the game of baseball. Abner wears number 96 in honor of the birth of the team in 1996". I like the logo of the batter and the contrast of the colors. The batter is that of a classic baseballer from the 19th century, and he is between the D's for Doubledays. I think it makes for a slick hat design,it even looks semi-professional as if it could be worn in the MLB

Springfield Cardinals

Of course, I  like this one as it is the Cardinals minor league AA affiliate. The classic Red with the bird and bat just scream Cardinals. I like how the cardinal is nestled in the S, the design is simple and looks nice. It looks professional and clean, This version of the hat has the 10th year anniversary patch logo on the side, the regular season hat from years prior don't have the logo.

LAs Vegas Area 51's

This is an ingenious name and logo. The use of aliens in their advertising and logo in my opinion are great. I love weird stuff like this. As you know Las Vegas isn't very far from Roswell and Area 51 which is famous for the alien space crash and the "area 51" supposedly holding alien technology in military bases.thus that is why there is an alien fo the logo I love it. The alien's head with the baseball stiches making it resemble a baseball, also the Blue on Black with White makes for a sharp hat. I really like the colors together

Just for the heck of it lets seem some older minor league hats and uniforms for the comparison.

Those two look good, clean, and professional....and then you have these God-awful abominations. They look like they work for a Taco Bell or some other cheap Mexican food joint. Who thought of these color combinations and designs? Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple....isn't that all the colors of the rainbow? I don't even know anymore, these uniforms frustrate me.

Oh wait! If you liked those junk jerseys then you might like these!
Zombies, Chihuahua's and Santa Claus! Because you know, nothing goes better with baseball than zombies, dogs, and Santa Claus! ...I...I...I don't even know anymore ...

So what do you think about these wacky and zany baseball hats and jerseys? Do you like them or think they're cool? Leave your answers in the comment section below


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