Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wallet Card Game

So I've been seeing this "wallet card" game quite a bit here lately. It seems like everyone's blog is featuring the game so I figured that I'd join the fun.

 The idea of this game is as follows
"The idea is to pick a junk dupe of a card you like (but are willing to "sacrifice") and carry it around in your wallet for a full year, occasionally taking pictures of it on your travels or wherever, and share them on your blog. Sort of like theCards in Odd Places feature I've done a couple times."

The idea was started by
and Breakdowns wallet card thread can be found here

 I starting racking my brain as to what card I would be putting in my STL Cardinals leather wallet ....what card could I use? I have  thousands of extra of cardinals related cards just sitting around, maybe ill just pick one of those.

Maybe I could pick one of the players just inducted to the Hall of Fame, you know, to commemorate them this year.


Maybe I'll just pick one of the thousands of cards I have laying around and slip it into my back pocket?

To help me figure out which card would be gracing my wallet for the entire year, I reread the outline of the game and the words"pick a card that makes you smile" stuck in my brain....IVE GOT IT!


You're probably staring at your CP screen going "who the hell is Gary Thurman?".., well I'll tell you just who Gary Thurman is.

Gary Thurman was a first-round draft pick for the Royals in 1983, being picked 21st.
He was an Outfielder and Pinch Runner playing 6 years for the Royals, 1987 to 1992. Gary also played in 1993, 1995, and 1997. He played for Detroit after being selected off waivers from Kansas City March of 1993, signed as a Free Agent with Seattle, as well as the  Mets.
He was a career .243 hitter with only 2 home runs, both coming in 1992.

 More recently Gary the coordinator of baserunning for the Cleveland Indians from 2008-11. and he was the first base/outfield/base-running coach for the Miami Marlins for the 2012 season.

So why did I pick Mr. Thurman? simply because his cards make me smile, on almost all of his cards he has a huge smile, sometimes goofy, but nonetheless a smile and in turn it makes me smile. Oddly enough I have randomly acquired a lot of his cards without trying....even an autograph.

So there we have it. Gary Thurman is my wallet card for 2015. If you are playing the wallet card game and have a wallet card leave it in the comments section below

Thanks for reading guys!

oh! I forgot to add a picture of my wallet with my Thurman card

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