Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Listia Part Dos

Hi guys, I'm back. I've been busy with college starting back up and such.

as promised here's some of the other cards I got on Listia

I won a lot of 9 old cards for less than 1000 credits (1$) The only reason I bought the lot was for a Cardinals card that I didn't already have. Here are the others in this job lot.

This guy looks like he just woke up ater a hard night at the disco

Yeah that guys name is lemongello...I hope he pronounces it like lemon jello.

This is the card I needed.

I also won several other auctions. This next one for the starting bid price of 499 credits ..50 cents basically
1974 Fergie Jenkins! The condition is actually really good.

This last one I bought for around 1000 credits. It's an autographed postcard of Tigers John Wockenfuss. He played for the Cardinals minor leagues in 1973, so that's the only reason I bid on it, I collect all Cardinals autographs minors and majors.

The person I won it from just stuck it in an evelope and with no protection...kinda shotty TBH

Thanks for looking, I promise the next post will be better.

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