Thursday, January 22, 2015

Johnny B Wockenfuss 1973 Topps

As I noted in the last post, I had won a John Wockenfuss autographed postcard from I like to put my autographs in a binder next to a photo of them if the autograph is a index card or something like that. I've tried to find photos of Mr.Wockenfuss with the Cardinals organization when he played for their minor league team Tulsa in 1973. Well, no luck. I tried every source that I could think of, EBay, OOTPdevelopments, BaseballBirthdays, N54, BaseballFever, Etc. Nothing. So I figured I'd do a mock up Baseball card of what Mr. Wockenfuss would have looked like if Topps had made a card of him in 1973.

Heres Wockenfuss's stats for his only year in the Cardinals Org. (1973)

22John Wockenfuss24602141842249121222212521.266.357.375.732
Generated 1/23/2015.

 So I started with this 1976 Topps Card of Wockenfuss, it's his rookie card. I noticed the Outline of the uniform was very similar to the Cardinals in 1973, the armbands, the striping on the pants etc.

First I changed the Orange on the arms to black, And the black to Red, The collar to red, and striping on the pants to red.
Then I needed to change the hat so I used Diego Segui's from 1973 Topps, the hats are basically in the same position on their heads. I also added a generic Cardinals logo on his chest, positioned it right and faded it out a bit. 

That looks good

 Now I need to fix the border and actual outline of the card. Notice ont that 1973, the position has a particular picture, so I used Ted Simmons's Picture. and Diego's outline.

Now just to put it all together 

And there you have it a 1973 Johnny B Wockenfuss with the Cardinals. 

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