Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gems of 1991 Upper Deck

I'm sure we all have four or five sets of 1991 Upper Deck laying around, same with 1990 Donruss. I was going through some junk boxes looking for cards that I need to sell, and then I came across these Beauties. I mean seriously?...who signed off on these cards? The sad thing about these cards is that someone working at Upper Deck said" you know, I like that cards, we are going to make that his card for this year"
It's sad, but hilarious...anyways here we go

#651 Mike Benjamin - Giants

Not only is the front awkward but so is the back
The front features him trying to poke a pen through some netting, possibly handing a fan back his pen...or something.
The back features him taking an odd swing, but wait...there are scratches down his neck as if a Bengal tiger got ahold of him or a ferocious lady friend ;)

#513 Dave Smith - Astros 

MMMMMhmmm gurlfran! That hair is super fab. Put a hat and mustache on him and he'd be ready for his starring role as a bad guy for an episode of Walker Texas Ranger.

 #666 Mickey Hatcher - Dodgers

...I dont even know.

#537 Tim McIntosh
Either Tim has just seen an awful event that rustles his jimmies, or has heartburn.

If I come across any others I'll be sure to make another blog post about it! Do you have any ugly cards in your collection? If so list them below in the comments, and as always thanks for reading !

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