Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Congrats Class of 2015!

Today's huge announcement of the Hall of Fame ballot results was nothing short of amazing!
For the first time in  60 years four players were inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and three of the four were again first-ballot candidates.

Randy Johnson
Pedro Martinez
John Smoltz
Craig Biggio

 (photo was from mlb's twitter)

Here is the full ballot results 

2015 Voting Ballot w/ Player
Randy Johnson53497.3%1st Year
Pedro Martinez50091.1%1st Year
John Smoltz45582.9%1st Year
Craig Biggio45482.7%74.8%
Less than 75% of vote, but still on ballot.
Mike Piazza38469.9%62.2%
Jeff Bagwell30655.7%54.3%
Tim Raines30255.0%46.1%
Curt Schilling21539.2%29.2%
Roger Clemens20637.5%35.4%
Barry Bonds20236.8%34.7%
Lee Smith16630.2%29.9%
Edgar Martinez14827.0%25.2%
Alan Trammell13825.1%20.8%
Mike Mussina13524.6%20.3%
Jeff Kent7714.0%15.2%
Fred McGriff7112.9%11.7%
Larry Walker6511.8%10.2%
Gary Sheffield6411.7%1st Year
Mark McGwire5510.0%11.0%
Sammy Sosa366.6%7.2%
Nomar Garciaparra305.5%1st Year
15 yrs on ballot, will not be on next year's ballot
Don Mattingly509.1%8.2%
Less than 5%, will not be on next year's ballot
Carlos Delgado213.8%1st Year
Troy Percival40.7%1st Year
Aaron Boone20.4%1st Year
Tom Gordon20.4%1st Year
Darin Erstad10.2%1st Year
Brian Giles00.0%1st Year
Jason Schmidt00.0%1st Year
Cliff Floyd00.0%1st Year
Jermaine Dye00.0%1st Year
Rich Aurilia00.0%1st Year
Tony Clark00.0%1st Year
Eddie Guardado00.0%1st Year

Just for fun lets look at my predictions compared to the results

Players who got less than 5 % vs what I said

I said  these players wouldn't make the 5%

Rich Aurillia
Aaron Boone
Tony Clark
Jermaine Dye
Darin Erstad
Tom Gordon
Brian Giles
Eddie Guardado
Troy Percival
Jason Schmidt

*all received less than 5%
*said Floyd and Delgado would get more than 5%

I said these guys would get less than 30% but more than 5%

Carlos Delgado
Cliff Floyd
Nomar Garciaparra
Jeff Kent
Don Mattingly
Mark Mcgwire
Mike Mussina
Tim Raines
Lee Smith
Sammy Sosa
Alan Trammell

*Delgado Received less than 5%
*Raines Received More, 55%

Here is where the 10 I would have voted for resulted

Randy Johnson 534 97.3% HOF
Pedro Martinez 500 91.1% HOF
John Smoltz 455 82.9% HOF
Craig Biggio 454 82.7% HOF
Mike Piazza 384 69.9%
Jeff Bagwell 306 55.7%
Curt Schilling  215     39.2%
Edgar Martinez  148   27.0%
Fred McGriff    71     12.9%
Larry Walker    65     11.8%

We all knew Johnson and PMart were going in, however I was surprised how high Smoltz placed.
To be honest, I didn't realize how good Smoltz was until I started looking at the numbers...pretty underrated by lots of people.

Here are some photos of the NEW Baseball Hall of Famers! Congrat!