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1995 Score #244 Rick Sutcliffe

#244 of 1995 Score is Pitcher Rick Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe is best known for his stints with the Cubs and Dodgers, but his last season in baseball was played for the Cardinals.

He signed with the Cardinals January 31st 1994.

here are his stats for that year along with his career totals, for a larger list of stats just click Rick's name at the beginning of this post, it will take you to his Baseballreference page.

1994 38 STL NL 6 4 .600 6.52 16 14 1 0 0 0 67.2
18 Yrs 171 139 .552 4.08 457 392 30 72 18 6 2697.2
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Wikipedia notes

On March 13, 2008, Sutcliffe was diagnosed with "curable and maintainable" colon cancer. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments in his hometown of Kansas City during the spring of 2008 and returned to work with ESPN on May 21, 2008. He continues to maintain a positive attitude and credits this to his faith in Jesus, strong family encouragement, incredible friends and immense support all over the world. As a result of his trials, he has shown great interest in motivational speaking about overcoming trials through your faith for groups such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Now the card
1995 Score's design is a little odd, but I personally like it.

The design is different from the years past and the years going forward. The card has a nice photo of Rick, his position, the team he plays for, his name, as well as the name brand and year of the brand. I appreciate all of those items on the front of the card so that you don't have to go searching for them on the card.
The border is odd, and the color choice is such,..not quite sure what they're going for on this one...however it looks good IMO.

Just for fun, we'll look at the designs before and after this card

Rick's 1994 Score card pictured as an Oriole, and a 1996 Score Carlos Baerga, since rick retired in 95

One last thing, here is one of the only photos I could find of Rick as a Cardinal. Its from Getty Images and says its from 1992, The date would have to be wrong since he was signed by the Orioles during that time period leaving no time in between to have tried out in 1992

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