Monday, January 26, 2015

Non Roster Invitee and roster cut What If Cards

Every year in Baseball there is always a group of hopefuls who aren't signed but have been invited to Spring Training. They are called Non Roster Invitees...because they aren't on the roster..and they were invited...

I do quite a bit for research on the Cardinals, compileing lists of rosters and players, as well as NRI's. There are some guys who I find are some of the more interesting NRI's and Guys who have fallen short in Spring Training, some are surprising.

These players were cut short in Spring Training.

1996 Gregg Olson  Signed January  23 1996 - Released March 26 1996

1999 Carlos Baerga Signed January 27 1999 - Released March 17 1999

2000 Brian McRae Signed February 4 2000 - Cut during ST

2004 Greg Vaughn Signed MiLB contract Dec 2003 - March 28 2004 cut to Minors, Retired instead

2008 Juan Gonzalez NRI ST 2008 as NRI, Made the Cut hit .308, but got hurt, didn't return.

All of those guys were really good...if not at the top of the game during their prime.

Juan Gonzalez was one of the hottest hitters of the 90's and early 2000's.
Greg Vaughn again, a hot hitter in the 90's
Brian McRae hit above .280 in 3 seasons 90,93, and 95
Carlos Baerga hit abovve .300 5 times, including .343 in 2003
Gregg Olson had more than 30 Saves 4 times in his career

Here they are with their more familiar teams

For fun I decided to make cards of them in the years they would have played for the Cardinals if they weren't cut

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Johnny B Wockenfuss 1973 Topps

As I noted in the last post, I had won a John Wockenfuss autographed postcard from I like to put my autographs in a binder next to a photo of them if the autograph is a index card or something like that. I've tried to find photos of Mr.Wockenfuss with the Cardinals organization when he played for their minor league team Tulsa in 1973. Well, no luck. I tried every source that I could think of, EBay, OOTPdevelopments, BaseballBirthdays, N54, BaseballFever, Etc. Nothing. So I figured I'd do a mock up Baseball card of what Mr. Wockenfuss would have looked like if Topps had made a card of him in 1973.

Heres Wockenfuss's stats for his only year in the Cardinals Org. (1973)

22John Wockenfuss24602141842249121222212521.266.357.375.732
Generated 1/23/2015.

 So I started with this 1976 Topps Card of Wockenfuss, it's his rookie card. I noticed the Outline of the uniform was very similar to the Cardinals in 1973, the armbands, the striping on the pants etc.

First I changed the Orange on the arms to black, And the black to Red, The collar to red, and striping on the pants to red.
Then I needed to change the hat so I used Diego Segui's from 1973 Topps, the hats are basically in the same position on their heads. I also added a generic Cardinals logo on his chest, positioned it right and faded it out a bit. 

That looks good

 Now I need to fix the border and actual outline of the card. Notice ont that 1973, the position has a particular picture, so I used Ted Simmons's Picture. and Diego's outline.

Now just to put it all together 

And there you have it a 1973 Johnny B Wockenfuss with the Cardinals. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Listia Part Dos

Hi guys, I'm back. I've been busy with college starting back up and such.

as promised here's some of the other cards I got on Listia

I won a lot of 9 old cards for less than 1000 credits (1$) The only reason I bought the lot was for a Cardinals card that I didn't already have. Here are the others in this job lot.

This guy looks like he just woke up ater a hard night at the disco

Yeah that guys name is lemongello...I hope he pronounces it like lemon jello.

This is the card I needed.

I also won several other auctions. This next one for the starting bid price of 499 credits ..50 cents basically
1974 Fergie Jenkins! The condition is actually really good.

This last one I bought for around 1000 credits. It's an autographed postcard of Tigers John Wockenfuss. He played for the Cardinals minor leagues in 1973, so that's the only reason I bid on it, I collect all Cardinals autographs minors and majors.

The person I won it from just stuck it in an evelope and with no protection...kinda shotty TBH

Thanks for looking, I promise the next post will be better.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Listia Wins Part Uno

I saw a blogger Baseball Card Breakdown post some items he had gotten on I really hadn't heard of the site, so I checked it out. Basically, you bid with credits, you can get credits by sharing and taking surveys. you can also list items and sell them for credits. I have somewhere around 3000 credits just for checking in and bidding, 3000 is worth about 3 dollars.

Anyways, this is what I received in the mail today from 1 seller that i won auctions from.

1976 Topps wins leaders Tom Seaver: 499 credits
1976 Topps Dave Parker: 499 credits
1982 Fleer Harold Baines (2nd year card): 499 Credits
1982 Fleer Dave Stewart RC: 563 Credits

These are all in really decent shape, and for free I can't complain! I think I'm hooked considering I've got 5 or 6 auctions I'm still waiting to get in the mail.

Have you won any baseball cards off of listia? If so, did you get anything good?
leave your comments in the comments below, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gems of 1991 Upper Deck

I'm sure we all have four or five sets of 1991 Upper Deck laying around, same with 1990 Donruss. I was going through some junk boxes looking for cards that I need to sell, and then I came across these Beauties. I mean seriously?...who signed off on these cards? The sad thing about these cards is that someone working at Upper Deck said" you know, I like that cards, we are going to make that his card for this year"
It's sad, but hilarious...anyways here we go

#651 Mike Benjamin - Giants

Not only is the front awkward but so is the back
The front features him trying to poke a pen through some netting, possibly handing a fan back his pen...or something.
The back features him taking an odd swing, but wait...there are scratches down his neck as if a Bengal tiger got ahold of him or a ferocious lady friend ;)

#513 Dave Smith - Astros 

MMMMMhmmm gurlfran! That hair is super fab. Put a hat and mustache on him and he'd be ready for his starring role as a bad guy for an episode of Walker Texas Ranger.

 #666 Mickey Hatcher - Dodgers

...I dont even know.

#537 Tim McIntosh
Either Tim has just seen an awful event that rustles his jimmies, or has heartburn.

If I come across any others I'll be sure to make another blog post about it! Do you have any ugly cards in your collection? If so list them below in the comments, and as always thanks for reading !

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Cardinals Autographs : Kerry Robinson

Sticking with the theme of yesterday's blog post of in person autographing, I will post another I obtained from the Cardinals Caravan.

Kerry Robinson was a Cardinals utilityman back in the first part of the 2000's, playing outfield as well as pinch running. He was likened to Juan Pierre, but never lived up to the hype. Robinson is best known for a Walk-Off Homerun he hit off of Cubs relief pitcher Mike Remlinger.
Kerry played for 5 different teams: Tampa Bay, Reds, Cardinals, Padres, and the Royals. He is now a scout for the Cardinals.

Here are his transactions for the Cardinals from Baseball-Reference

Drafted June 1, 1995, 34th round
Drafted from Cardinals by Tampa Bay in the 1997 Expansion Draft
Signed as Free Agent with the Cardinals Dec 7, 2000
Traded by the Cardinals to the Padres for Brian Hunter March 29, 2004

2001 27 STL NL 114 207 186 34 53 6 1 1 15 11 2 12 20 .285 .330 .344 .674
2002 28 STL NL 124 195 181 27 47 7 4 1 15 7 4 11 29 .260 .301 .359 .660
2003 29 STL NL 116 221 208 19 52 6 3 1 16 6 1 8 27 .250 .281 .322 .603
STL (3 yrs) 354 623 575 80 152 19 8 3 46 24 7 31 76 .264 .303 .341 .644
Generated 1/13/2015.

I have Met Mr. Robinson three times, a couple years apart. He autographed a baseball the first time I went to the caravan in 2009, a card a couple years later, and then a photo in 2014. He went to the same College that I do, which is in the town the caravan is held each year. The town is always very gracious towards Robinson as he is the same.

I chatted with Robinson for a few at the 2014 caravan, he is a very cool guy. One of the nicest players I have met.

Here is the Card and Photo that I had signed

Robinson was very fond of this photo and marked out when he saw it. The photo is of celebration from the Walkoff Homerun that he hit. Randal Grichuk, who was seated next to Robinson at the 2014 caravan, noticed the photo and pointed out that it was from that event.

Here is a photo of me and Mr. Robinson at the 2014 caravan. Again, Kerry is a very nice guy and class act.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Cardinals Autographs : RIcky Horton

Yesterday's blog post was about some Tom Brunansky autographs I had received in the mail, so we are switching focuses for today. Getting TTM's in the mail is cool, but meeting the players in person is even funner..(I know that's not a word)
The St.Louis Cardinals always host a Caravan stop in a town close to mine (I actually go to college in the town). The stops always include three or four rookies or prospects and three or four retired alumni. The host has a small chit chat about the upcoming year and lets kids or whoever ask a question. It's really fun for kids and adults alike, I usually go because it's scheduled the week of my birthday each year!

I've gotten to meet some really good prospects and former players over the years (been going since 2009). The rules of the caravan are that kids 15 and young only get autographs, but after an hour or so most adults have cleared out and kids with them. Most of the time the Cardinals let whoever is left get autographs and chat with the players.

Ricky Horton has acted as the Emcee once and has been one of the former players featured twice, so I've gotten a few items signed by him.

I have to add that Ricky is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, really genuine and chatty.

Just a few notes about Ricky Horton

Drafted by the Cardinals June 3 1980 4th round
Traded with Lance Johnson and Cash to the White Sox for Jose Deleon
Signed with the Cardinals as a Free Agent July 20 1989
released by the Cardinals July 25 1990

Here are his stats with the Cardinals

1984 24 STL NL 9 4 .692 3.44 37 18 7 1 1 1 125.2 140 53 48 14 39 2 76
1985 25 STL NL 3 2 .600 2.91 49 3 10 0 0 1 89.2 84 30 29 5 34 13 59
1986 26 STL NL 4 3 .571 2.24 42 9 12 1 0 3 100.1 77 25 25 7 26 7 49
1987 27 STL NL 8 3 .727 3.82 67 6 24 0 0 7 125.0 127 58 53 15 42 10 55
1989 29 STL NL 0 3 .000 4.73 11 8 1 0 0 0 45.2 50 24 24 2 10 2 14
1990 30 STL NL 1 1 .500 4.93 32 0 8 0 0 1 42.0 52 25 23 3 22 7 18
STL (6 yrs) 25 16 .610 3.44 238 44 62 2 1 13 528.1 530 215 202 46 173 41 271
Generated 1/12/2015.

Post Player Career

In 1991, Horton was a minor league pitching coach in the Cleveland Indians farm system. In 1993, he became the director of the St. Louis Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

In 1997, Horton began filling in on Cardinals television broadcasts on FSN Midwest and radio broadcasts on the Cardinals Radio Network. In 2003, he joined the three-man FSN Midwest television broadcast team, working roughly 100 games per year as well as post-game analysis.

Here are the items I have gotten signed by Mr. Horton

Oh! I almost forgot, here is an awful photo of me and Mr.Horton from this last year's caravan. It was held on my birthday :)
I didn't realize my father had his camera and he snapped a photo. He is not the best photographer in the world. Lol. But Ricky noticed dad had the camera, dad snapped the photo about the same time I had turned around after Ricky had signed my photo 

Thanks for reading!