Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just to start this out 1953 Topps missing Cardinals Cards

After going through sets of cards, it started to irritate me that certain players are left out of the yearly team sets. just for an example in 1953 over 20 players were missing in the set, be it due to legal reasons or trades.

 so I decided to make the missing cards. here is a list of the players that made the roster but are missing from the 1953 Topps baseball set. their primary position is noted at the end of the name.

      1953 missing Cardinals

  1. ferrell anderson c
  2. steve bilko 1b
  3. al brazle p
  4. pete castiglione 3b
  5. cliff chambers p
  6. jack collum p
  7. grant dunlap ph
  8. harry elliot of
  9. eddie erautt  p
  10. jack faszholz p 
  11. fred marolewski 1b
  12. stan musial of
  13. eddie phillips pr
  14. joe presko p
  15. dick rand c
  16. del rice c
  17. john romonosky p
  18. dick schofield ss
  19. dick sisler 1b
  20. eddie stanky 2b
  21. hal white p
  22. sal yvars c
most of these photo I had to colorize, I started with a "hallowed" out 53 Topps template I made from a scan of an actual card. some frankeinsteining has been done by placing logos and hats on pictures to make the player appear that he is in the correct uniform

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