Monday, December 22, 2014

Colorized Photos :Batch Uno

So as you've seen with some of the cards I posted,  I like to colorize black and white photographs. I feel that the colorization makes history "come alive", most people look at a old photo and associate it with the past, that it was a "period of time" long ago, true that may be, but that mindset puts the photo in a fanciful space of if it never even happened...or was so long ago that it doesn't matter anymore. doing these colorizations pulls that photo out of that funk that it was in, and brings it into the present, So with that, here are a couple that I have completed recently

most of these photos were found on and both excellent places for great photos and great discussion.

*if you use these photos please give me credit, time and effort went into making these photos colorized

players are as noted left to right

Jimmy Brown 1938, Hughie Jennings
Stu Martin 1940, Pete Alexander
Pete Alexander, Joe Orengo
Mikey Owen, Pete Alexander

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