Friday, December 12, 2014

1994 Topps Draft Picks

1994 Topps Baseball contains a mini set of 1st round draft picks.The Cardinals are represented by Alan Benes. As i looked through the cards in this draft pick set, I started to wonder about the other draft picks made by the cardinals that year, and if they had received a card during their playing careers. As i found out, some do, but others dont.
I wanted to stick with the same themed card as the Benes, and this is what I came up with.

The first 7 picks by the St.Louis Cardinals minus the following: Dishington (couldn't find a good photo) and Nicholas (didn't sign with the club)

The following are who I made a card of

Jay Witasick  round 2 , 58 overall
Eli Marerro  round 3, 88 overall
Marc Ottmers round 5, 144 overall
David Carroll round  6, 172 overall
Jeff Berblinger round 7 , 200 overall

Witasick played in the minors for the cardinals before being packaged in a trade for Todd Stottlemyer , Witasick retired in 2007.

Marrero was the cardinals top catcher after Tom Pagnozzi, Eli ended up playing for the cardinals until 2003, He retired in 2006

Marc Ottmers didn't make it past A ball, Despite his numbers not being too bad, he only played two years.( 1993 and 1994)

Carroll played several years in the Cardinals System, and then moved on to the Yankees, Carrol never made it to the bigs.

Berblinger played 7 games for the cardinals in 1997, before being chosen in a Rule 5 draft. Berblinger never played in the MLB again.

The David Carroll is a Frankenstein. The card is made from a 1999 yankees's team photo head on a 2014 spring training photo of Ed Easley. I know it's not time period correct,  but it works for me.  

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