Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1994 Classic/ Best Gold #26 Dennis Slininger

I Received this card in a team trade, the same trade that landed me that Otis Nixon Studio card. I have to be honest, before receiving this card I had never heard of Dennis Slininger. I collect the Cardinals and follow them pretty closely and I had never heard of his name..not even once.

So lets take a look at him

Dennis Slininger

Drafted by the STL Cardinals in the 9th round of the 1991 MLB June Draft for Largo HS, Florida

- Played 1991-1993, 1995
-Spent those years between Rookie ball and A+
-  26/20 with a 3.90 ERA

Slininger's best year was 1993 when he played for Springfield A ball. He went 8/1 with a 2.96 ERA

When I Googled Mr. Slininger I came across a Misdemeanor for a Dennis Matthew Slininger....for public alcoholic consumption in 1993 in Florida, maybe this explains why he was out of baseball in 1994? Maybe he was suspended or just took time off. Anyways that was 20 years ago.

Back to the card

This card reminds me of something Fleer/Ultra would put out.
The card is glossy, has nice gold lettering, nice full body action photo, and the team name on the front.."cardinals instructional"

For a bonus I Googled to see if i could find any more of his cards, only 8 were made.
1991 Johnson City Cardinals Classic #20
1991 Johnson City Cardinals ProCards #3978
1992 Springfield Cardinals Classic Best #15
1992 Springfield Cardinals Fleer Procards #867
1993 Midwest League All Stars Fleer/ProCards #54
1993 Springfield Cardinals Classic Best #23
1993 Springfield Cardinals Fleer/ProCards #1850
1994 Classic/Best Gold #26

1991 ProCards.1991 Johnson City Classic Best

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