Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Direction....1993 Studio #216 Otis Nixon

With this post comes a new turn for this blog.

I will continue to post the custom cards and colored photos, but they will be posted under their corresponding pages I have made which can be found at the top of the page.

This main page will be devoted to throwback cards and cards i have received in the mail.

#216 of 1993 Donruss Studio is that of Otis Nixon. I think those of us who collect baseball cards have come across a few of his cards in our days. I actually received this card as part of a team trade group that I was in this month on SCF. We swap teams...mine being the Braves and Cardinals.

Otis Nixon played from 1983 to 1999, played for about 30 teams. Despite looking like the drug addicted homeless guy I gave change to yesterday. He had a decent .270 BA, even hit close to .300 several times
Despite being decent Nixon was never an All-Star, he had a 16.7 career WAR, and had 0 votes for him when he was on the Hall of Fame ballot.

This is one of my favorite card designs.
It's simple features include the team logo on the corresponding team hat, the studio holographic logo, a nice shiny facsimile autograph and a nice headshot of Nixon.

Even though it's worth an old banana peel, it's still a really sharp looking card, and for being 1993 when this came out its really above what some of the card companies were putting out at the time.

As many of our suspicions proved right, Nixon is a multiple offender and user of Crack Cocaine,,,,,he also allegedly burnt down one of his houses.....heres some of his many mugshots for fun.

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