Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1994 Classic/ Best Gold #26 Dennis Slininger

I Received this card in a team trade, the same trade that landed me that Otis Nixon Studio card. I have to be honest, before receiving this card I had never heard of Dennis Slininger. I collect the Cardinals and follow them pretty closely and I had never heard of his name..not even once.

So lets take a look at him

Dennis Slininger

Drafted by the STL Cardinals in the 9th round of the 1991 MLB June Draft for Largo HS, Florida

- Played 1991-1993, 1995
-Spent those years between Rookie ball and A+
-  26/20 with a 3.90 ERA

Slininger's best year was 1993 when he played for Springfield A ball. He went 8/1 with a 2.96 ERA

When I Googled Mr. Slininger I came across a Misdemeanor for a Dennis Matthew Slininger....for public alcoholic consumption in 1993 in Florida, maybe this explains why he was out of baseball in 1994? Maybe he was suspended or just took time off. Anyways that was 20 years ago.

Back to the card

This card reminds me of something Fleer/Ultra would put out.
The card is glossy, has nice gold lettering, nice full body action photo, and the team name on the front.."cardinals instructional"

For a bonus I Googled to see if i could find any more of his cards, only 8 were made.
1991 Johnson City Cardinals Classic #20
1991 Johnson City Cardinals ProCards #3978
1992 Springfield Cardinals Classic Best #15
1992 Springfield Cardinals Fleer Procards #867
1993 Midwest League All Stars Fleer/ProCards #54
1993 Springfield Cardinals Classic Best #23
1993 Springfield Cardinals Fleer/ProCards #1850
1994 Classic/Best Gold #26

1991 ProCards.1991 Johnson City Classic Best

A New Direction....1993 Studio #216 Otis Nixon

With this post comes a new turn for this blog.

I will continue to post the custom cards and colored photos, but they will be posted under their corresponding pages I have made which can be found at the top of the page.

This main page will be devoted to throwback cards and cards i have received in the mail.

#216 of 1993 Donruss Studio is that of Otis Nixon. I think those of us who collect baseball cards have come across a few of his cards in our days. I actually received this card as part of a team trade group that I was in this month on SCF. We swap teams...mine being the Braves and Cardinals.

Otis Nixon played from 1983 to 1999, played for about 30 teams. Despite looking like the drug addicted homeless guy I gave change to yesterday. He had a decent .270 BA, even hit close to .300 several times
Despite being decent Nixon was never an All-Star, he had a 16.7 career WAR, and had 0 votes for him when he was on the Hall of Fame ballot.

This is one of my favorite card designs.
It's simple features include the team logo on the corresponding team hat, the studio holographic logo, a nice shiny facsimile autograph and a nice headshot of Nixon.

Even though it's worth an old banana peel, it's still a really sharp looking card, and for being 1993 when this came out its really above what some of the card companies were putting out at the time.

As many of our suspicions proved right, Nixon is a multiple offender and user of Crack Cocaine,,,,,he also allegedly burnt down one of his houses.....heres some of his many mugshots for fun.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas and Classic Cards Update

 So I love Christmas and Christmas shows. One of my favorites is "Santa Claus is comin' to town" it stars Mickey Rooney as Santa,  Fred Astaire as the Narrator and Paul Frees who voices numerous characters. I wanted to make a card of Astaire and Frees since they are my favorite characters from the program.

Next up I have some 2013 Topps styled cards of some classic entertainers. Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Not SO Baseball Update

So I have many interests besides baseball. I love history, the paranormal and weird stuff, folklore and mythology, bigfoot lol, and the list goes on. Here are some recent card I have made that aren't baseball related.

Harry and the Henderson's is one of my favorite movies of all time.
lovable movie about a family who runs into a sasquatch and brings him into their family.
it stars John Lithgow
these are styled like the 1968 Topps Baseball cards

 More Hairy goodness.
this time 2013 Topps style

 Now this is a custom set that i have started. I love anything Bigfoot and wanted to do something with it. The background is Beautiful Washington State. the Foot logo is a modified  Oregon Emeralds Baseball logo (Their Mascot is sasquatch!!!!)
The photos I chose are famous bigfoot related pictures or subjects.

Left to Right
Bobo from the tv show finding Bigfoot
The Florida Skunk Ape Anonymous Photo
Sasquatch from the Jack's Links Commercial fame
Harry from Harry and the Hendersons Movie
Paterson-Gimlin Film Bigfoot,....I don't think I need to say anything else...
the Jacobs Photo, caught on a trail camera, thought to be a juvenile Sasquatch

well I hope you enjoied these, I have some entertainment and movie star cards that i will post in the future. Thanks for viewing

Monday, December 22, 2014

Colorized Photos :Batch Uno

So as you've seen with some of the cards I posted,  I like to colorize black and white photographs. I feel that the colorization makes history "come alive", most people look at a old photo and associate it with the past, that it was a "period of time" long ago, true that may be, but that mindset puts the photo in a fanciful space of if it never even happened...or was so long ago that it doesn't matter anymore. doing these colorizations pulls that photo out of that funk that it was in, and brings it into the present, So with that, here are a couple that I have completed recently

most of these photos were found on and both excellent places for great photos and great discussion.

*if you use these photos please give me credit, time and effort went into making these photos colorized

players are as noted left to right

Jimmy Brown 1938, Hughie Jennings
Stu Martin 1940, Pete Alexander
Pete Alexander, Joe Orengo
Mikey Owen, Pete Alexander

Friday, December 19, 2014

1953 Topps Update

I recently made a 1953 Topps update set for the St.Louis Cardinals. Tinkering around with those cards, I decided to make a couple more to thicken up the set a bit more. In 1953 Topps added coaches and managers in the set, so I added Eddie Stanky in the first update, in this update i add Mike Ryba who was a coach for the team in '53, Along with Owner Gussie Busch, and Broadcasters Harry Caray and Gus Mancuso.
 I could not find a broadcasting photo of Mancuso, so I used a photo from his playing days with the cardinals.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

1967 Topps Missing Cardinals

1967 Topps Cardinals team set is missing seven players who were on the 40-man roster for the year. The missing players are as follows

Eddie Bressoud
Steve Huntz
Jack Lamabe
Ted Savage
Mike Torrez
Jimy Williams
Ron Willis

Several of these players have cards in the 1967 Topps set, however they are not pictured as a Cardinal. I assume you could call this an Update or Traded set that I did for the players

Eddie Bressoud 1967 Topps - Mets
Steve Huntz - no 67 Topps, 69 Topps is first appearance.
Jack Lamabe 1967 Topps - White Sox
Ted Savage 1967 Topps - Cubs
Mike Torrez - no 67 Topps, 68 is first appearance 
Jimy Williams - no 67, 66 is only card as player
Ron Willis - 67 Topps Rookie Stars Card, but not a single player card.

Now onto 1967 stats for the Cardinals

Eddie Bressoud

1967- 52 Games, 67 At Bats, Runs 8, Hits 9, Doubles 1, Triples 1, Home Runs 1, RBI 1, Walks 9, Strike Outs 18, Batting Average .134

Steve Huntz

1967 - 3 Games, At Bats 6, Runs 1, Hits 1, Walks 1, Strike Outs 2, Batting Average .167
1967 was Steve's first year in Baseball

Jack Lamabe

1967 - 23 Games, 3 Wins, 4 Loses, ERA 2.83, GS 1, GF 10, Cg 1, SHO 1, SV 4, IP 47.2
Jack played for four teams in 1967 White Sox, Mets, Cardinals, Cubs.

Ted Savage

1967- 9 Games, At Bats 8, Runs 1, Hits 1, Walks 1, Strike Outs 3, Batting Average .125

  Mike Torrez

  1967 - 3 Games, 1 Loss, ERA 3.18, GS 1, GF 2, IP 5.2

  Debut September 10 1967 (was too late in the season to make a card of him in 1967 Topps)

   Jimy Williams

    1967 - 1 Game, At Bat 2, Strike Out 1, Batting average . 000
     1967 was Jimy's last Year as a Player, He Managed later on.

    Ron Willis
   1967 - 65 Games, Win 6, Loss 5, ERA 2.67, GF 24, SV 10, IP 81.0

*Notes about the cards.
all autographs except Lamabe were traced in a separate layer and then applied to the card.
lamabe is the original 1967 card front. However, I recolored the uniform and switched team name.
Jimy Williams is from his 1966 card
Mike Torrez is from a 1970 card
Ron Willis's photo was not edited by me
most of the photos come from and OOPT forums.
The Template was made from a random cardinals card I scanned.


Friday, December 12, 2014

1994 Topps Draft Picks

1994 Topps Baseball contains a mini set of 1st round draft picks.The Cardinals are represented by Alan Benes. As i looked through the cards in this draft pick set, I started to wonder about the other draft picks made by the cardinals that year, and if they had received a card during their playing careers. As i found out, some do, but others dont.
I wanted to stick with the same themed card as the Benes, and this is what I came up with.

The first 7 picks by the St.Louis Cardinals minus the following: Dishington (couldn't find a good photo) and Nicholas (didn't sign with the club)

The following are who I made a card of

Jay Witasick  round 2 , 58 overall
Eli Marerro  round 3, 88 overall
Marc Ottmers round 5, 144 overall
David Carroll round  6, 172 overall
Jeff Berblinger round 7 , 200 overall

Witasick played in the minors for the cardinals before being packaged in a trade for Todd Stottlemyer , Witasick retired in 2007.

Marrero was the cardinals top catcher after Tom Pagnozzi, Eli ended up playing for the cardinals until 2003, He retired in 2006

Marc Ottmers didn't make it past A ball, Despite his numbers not being too bad, he only played two years.( 1993 and 1994)

Carroll played several years in the Cardinals System, and then moved on to the Yankees, Carrol never made it to the bigs.

Berblinger played 7 games for the cardinals in 1997, before being chosen in a Rule 5 draft. Berblinger never played in the MLB again.

The David Carroll is a Frankenstein. The card is made from a 1999 yankees's team photo head on a 2014 spring training photo of Ed Easley. I know it's not time period correct,  but it works for me.